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The Why

Some would ask, why on earth I have chosen to explore Stand-Up comedy – “I am having a great career and all that”. Well! Let me tell you!

When you tend to talk about the slightly darker topics like mental health, neurodiversity & inclusion, it is absolutely vital that you can get peoples attention – and keep it. Further, you need to not point fingers and you need to make sure, the audience doesn’t start to feel sorry for you, but feel safe with you talking about these things.

And humor is an amazing tool for that! If I can laugh at myself – it is easier to create a safe environment where we can talk about this together without anyone fearing, they have to watch their every move.

Also – Comedy is awesome. It is such a powerful way of communicating something you are passionate about. And it is a pretty fun way to work with your own tragedies.

The When

When I say aspiring comedian, I mean that very literally! I had my debut at an Open Mic in December 2023 where I shared my first 5 minutes in front of an awesome audience at Enghave Plads 9 – with the very experienced and skilled super star, Thomas Warberg. But I am hungry for more, and I can’t wait to chase down these Open Mics to see where I can take this.

Who knows? Maybe I will soon be touring with a show ?!

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