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Oh yes! Podcasts as in more than one!


For quite some time, and especially after my own diagnoses, I felt this urge to share what I knew and what I learned. I kept thinking, that this kind of knowledge should be more accessible. So I started talking with one of my best friends about making a podcast. I wanted to share, how it was/is for us to not only be late diagnosed, but also as women living with multiple diagnoses. It is fairly new, that doctors are getting on board with the fact, that girls and women can have ADHD (& Autism) also – that it doesn’t “just” look like physical hyper activity. I wanted to share my story – our story! Because we both have ADHD & Autism, but we are very differently affected by it and have lived very different lives. So on August 14, 2023 we launched the very first episode of the Danish podcast “Diagnoseklubben“. And it is going great! Tune in wherever you listen to podcasts! Once in a while we also do episodes in English.

På vej med Vej

When I started doing Stand-Up, I got overwhelmed. As I expected. I get so inspired being out and about. But I also get super stimulated by meeting new people, standing on stage and all these things, and I could feel, if I did not manage this somehow, I would crash hard. So I decided to do a chaos podcast. Chaos in the sense that I am recording in my car only – and that I am really not very great at editing. 😂 I don’t have fancy equipment and I forget what have already been talked about when I edit, but have no patience to re-listen to the parts that are edited – so there is no guarantee, that I won’t repeat myself or that I remember everything.

But it is an outlet that works for me. So it is a podcast with fairly short episodes about my journey into the Stand-Up scene (primarily). I am saying primarily, as obviously I can’t keep it just at that. I have ADHD… And what I do in my life besides Stand-Up is of course also a source of inspiration and affecting my material. There is no structure on how often new episodes go out – so pretty much like my brain. What a treat!

So – in January 2024, my own chaos podcast (in Danish for now) launched under the title “På vej med Vej“. Also available wherever you listen to podcasts!

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